This week some of the adventurous girls from Sunrise will embark on the trip of a lifetime! For a long time, the people of Lusaka, Zambia have needed a suitable school for the local children. Currently, they are taught in a small, barely functional room in a church where the rent is too high for their limited funds. The children come from poor families and cannot pay tuition. There is a precedent in Zambia that when a school is constructed, the government tends to hire teachers and supply educational materials in order to keep the school open – a worthy goal all of us are trying to help them achieve.
Sunrise, New Haven and Chrysalis are aware of the need and have partnered up to help! We have a long history of local service and this is our first international trip. We will begin our trip by building a school in Lusaka. After a week of work among the people the staff and students will launch down the Zambezi River for a canoe safari, which will bring us close to the amazing wildlife for which Africa is famous.
On our final day in Zambia we will visit Victoria Falls in Livingstone, one of the natural wonders of the world. We are so excited to help our students as we serve the people of Zambia and experience the rich culture, beautiful people, and breathtaking sights of such an incredible country!