Art Saves Lives.

Think of a song, a poem, a painting, a dance that moved you deeply in a time of doubt. Did you feel the flutter of butterflies against your chest, the spark of hope? Art can be a powerful thing, even life changing. Recently I was able to share my passion for art with some of our students. I asked them to think of something that inspired them to keep moving forward in those moments of doubt, darkness, and pain. The products of this assignment were and will be distributed out into the community in hopes that their pieces of work will bring joy and positivity to strangers.
Art Saves Lives.
I didn’t know what to expect going into the activity, I felt vulnerable and exposed. Sharing something so special to a room full of 25 girls can be intimidating. As I started to explain the activity I could see the gears working in the girls faces. I noticed some of the girls becoming quiet and looking introspectively. Other girls were shouting in excitement, tripping over one another to get supplies. Soon they were all at work. The artwork that was produced from this activity are absolutely stunning and unique.
Art Saves Lives.
The work was very expressive of where each student is in her own journey. Paintings slashed with gobs of black paint and jagged words. Other pieces of art screaming at you with such loud colors and vibrant thoughts. The emotions the girls had been feeling became tangible pieces of work. As I saw the artwork I realized even if the strangers who find these pieces of artwork aren’t moved deeply, Art Saved Lives that day.
One quote that stuck with me the most from this project goes as follows,
“She is strong,
but not in the ways most people think.
She loves more than she’ll ever get
back and she knows it.
And yet,
she loves anyway.”
Art Saves Lives.
Look for these pieces of artwork in the communities of St. George and Cedar City, Utah. They will be tagged with #SUNRISERTC and #ARTSAVESLIVES so members of the community who find them can share them!