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Adherent DBT Program for Adolescent Students

Sunrise offers an adherent residential treatment program to address a student’s biological, environmental, spiritual and behavioral elements of their challenges in a home-like setting. We know that while your child is going through her healing process, they needs a home that can keep them emotionally and physically safe, and meet their needs through validation and without judgment.

Stages of Treatment


Sunrise follows the four stages of DBT treatment to help our students overcome their life-threatening and therapy interfering behaviors and build a life worth living.

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Orientation & Commitment Phase

During this initial phase of treatment, the student and family make a commitment to themselves and the treatment team to do DBT therapy. The student creates a hierarchy of needs to list their problem behaviors that get in the way of them building their life worth living.

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Stage 1: Getting in Control

In stage one, the student begins to work on reducing behaviors that greatly impact their life and their relationships. They begin to get life threatening and therapy interfering behaviors under control and begin to demonstrate willingness to increase skills, engage in therapy, and follow basic structure within the milieu.

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Stage 2: Emotional Experiencing

In stage two, the student continues to demonstrate the ability to control their external behaviors and to build and engage in meaningful relationships at Sunrise and within the family system. They begin to learn how to experience and express their emotions in a safe and healthy way and address any core beliefs and trauma that have led to life-threatening and therapy-interfering behaviors.

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Stage 3: Balancing Ordinary Happiness & Sadness

During stage three, the student begins to learn how to internalize new core beliefs and practice acting on these new beliefs. The student begins to integrate more fully back into the family system by going on a home visit and begins to practice their skills in a variety of new contexts by finding things in the community to be involved in. In this stage, other residual problems are addressed such as grief and loneliness, as well as building their life worth living.

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Stage 4: Capacity for Sustained Joy

During stage four, the student learns to build a capacity for sustained joy. The student begins to work on deepening their sense of self and increasing self-awareness and acting within their values and new core beliefs. They continue to practice transitioning back into their home environment and practice mastering their skills in a broader context.

Sunrise Treatment Philosophy

The best residential treatment centers require not only current, research-based therapies, but an informed vision for each unique teen student. Our clinicians’ first job, then, is to get to know your child from a number of perspectives, including clinical profile, family system, and learning profile. Tying all of this together, of course, requires an understanding of the child as a person -their dreams, fears, strengths, and hurts; what makes them mad and what makes them laugh. Without the benefit of a trusting, authentic relationship, even the most sophisticated treatment modalities are of little use. With the benefit of a trusting relationship, however, clinically sophisticated therapies can be customized to meet the individual’s needs and can change her life!
In addition to creating a therapeutic milieu that promotes growth in the course of daily life, we also provide scheduled therapy that includes:

  • Weekly individual therapy sessions

  • Weekly family therapy sessions
  • Weekly equine assisted therapy
  • Daily group therapy
  • Targeted psychotherapy groups focusing on specific issues, such as adoption, trauma, and abuse

Our relational approach is married to research-based therapies that, together, form the foundation for healing and success. Our licensed therapists are experienced in applying a number of modalities that they use in combination according to your child’s specific needs.

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Ways Sunrise Can Help

Our therapists, teachers, and residential life staff know that the success of their work with your child depends not only on your child’s involvement, but on yours as well. Utilizing a Family Systems Approach, our work with your child is always done with reference to, and the involvement of, the family. Because the family is such a powerful system, it’s tough for any one member of the family to achieve lasting change unless the family-the system-learns support and accommodates that change. Many adults experience this dynamic when they return home for the holidays; once back in the family system, even the most well-adjusted adult can struggle to not fall back into earlier, less mature behaviors! Our therapists know how tough it can be for a family to go through a healing process together, so they provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental place for the whole family to heal and support each other’s change. To support this balance, we provide both individual and family therapy on a weekly basis.

It is easy for parents, teachers, and other caregivers in a teen’s life to err on the side of being either permissive or authoritarian. Both extremes can create real difficulties in the family system, difficulties that are best overcome by a more balanced approach to relating to a teen, an approach that melds nurturance, discipline, and respect. Similar to the Authoritative Parenting Approach, which is based on the research of Dr. Diana Baumrind, our therapists, teachers, and residential staff approach their relationships with our students with what we call Dynamic Guidance. Dynamic Guidance emphasizes an engaged approach to leading young people, an approach that upholds clear boundaries while encouraging dialogue and, ultimately, fostering independence. This approach balances a young person’s need for high standards, caring, and mutual respect. We also work with parents to help them achieve a similarly balanced approach to parenting, based on the Authoritative Parenting Approach.

Because of its location, facility, and program structure, Sunrise is able to offer an unsurpassed balance of security and community involvement. While many RTCs are located in remote areas that emphasize security at the expense of community, Sunrise offers both security and community. Our in-town location gives our students access to internships, jobs, volunteering opportunities, and even shopping and movies as they become ready for those privileges. Our small size, close supervision, and sophisticated but unobtrusive security system allows us to manage that access in order to provide the highest level of safety. Students at Sunrise often comment that the balance of security and in-town access allows them to enjoy a sense of both safety and normalcy as they go through the treatment process. This balance allows us to provide opportunities for students to safely apply what they’ve learned in a real-world environment, without having to go through a program transition and with the ability to return to a more secure situation as needed.

Talk to our staff and they’ll tell you that they love the collaborative environment at Sunrise. Our emphasis on holistic growth means that we apply a team approach to everything we do. You’ll notice when you visit Sunrise that our therapists, teachers, and dorm staff talk to each other. A lot. Our teachers know what’s happening in therapy, and our therapists know what’s going on in residential life. Staff from all departments function as a tight community and operate with a high level of trust. Our commitment to a team approach means that every staff member knows every student, and not just from one angle, but as a whole person. This allows us to support their success holistically as a result. Because of our size, our commitment to balance, and our robust communication, we offer a program that is both integrated and individualized-one that balances our student’s need for therapy, learning, and experience.


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