Real Life Community Involvement

A nurturing community is critical to helping teen girls feel immediately safe and cared for so that they can adjust quickly to treatment and get on with the work of healing.

Campus Community

A nurturing community is critical to helping teen girls feel immediately safe and cared for so that they can adjust quickly to treatment and get on with the work of healing. Sunrise cultivates a nurturing school community by providing appropriate structure and lots of activity, encouraging connection with staff and other students, and balancing therapy, school, and fun. Girls who are further along in the healing process mentor and support new students; this mentoring program helps all Sunrise girls learn to work together for the good of the community. Licensed therapists at Sunrise intentionally make themselves available and seek out those girls who tend to isolate or pull away. Honest and open communication is taught in groups and encouraged in day to day interactions, so girls feel the freedom that comes with transparency. Our campus is homelike and comfortable, with a pool, living area, homelike kitchen and dining room, and other amenities that create opportunities for staff and students to feel at home as they interact.

Finally, we’ve created a campus where visiting parents feel welcome and are invited to participate in the community and in their daughter’s process. Meet some parents and students who have benefited from the warm embrace of the Sunrise community.

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Hurricane, Utah Community

Our in-town location gives us an opportunity for another kind of community that is unusual for residential treatment facilities. The town of Hurricane, Utah is a manageable community that has reached out to support our girls and the work we do at Sunrise. Each week, our girls spend up to 20 hours in the community. Here are some of the things we love about the Hurricane community and how we leverage this great resource for our girls’ healing and growth:

Community Service

  • Sunrise teen girls participate on the Hurricane Beautification Committee on a regular basis.

  • Sunrise was awarded the Mayors Award for the excellent service our students have provided to Hurricane, UT.

  • Sunrise girls volunteer on a regular basis at the local day care, rehabilitation center, welfare farm and cannery, at local triathlons, food drives, and fairs.

  • Students have been employed at Lin’s Supermarket, as well as local restaurants, learning critical life skills in an authentic environment.

  • Nearby Washington City has an annual Cotton Days festival that our girls volunteer and help out with.


  • Our teen girls frequently enjoy some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world, since Hurricane is located only 20 minutes from Zion’s National Park and only 2 hours from Bryce National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Staircase National Park, and Capital Reef National Park. Hurricane, UT is known as the Gateway to the national parks.

  • For day excursions, Sunrise is located a scant 10 minutes from Sand Hollow State Park and Quail Lake State Park.

  • Hurricane, Utah is known for its excellent peach production and for having fantastic tasting peaches. Sunrise girls enjoy participating in the annual Peach Days event.

  • The community continues to generously open up its resources to Sunrise so that our girls have access to local libraries and recreation facilities.

Safety & Convenience

  • Unlike many programs, we are convenient to parents traveling from other parts of the country; our campus is located only one and a half hours from an international airport.

  • Visiting parents have access to all of the amenities of a small city when they visit their daughter, including restaurants, a variety of hotel options, movie theaters, hiking, and shopping.

  • Local colleges allow our older girls opportunities to begin their college studies while living in the safety of the Sunrise community.

  • Hurricane’s manageable population of 15,000 means that we are a known, welcomed, and protected presence in the community. The town of Hurricane has made it clear that it’s glad we’re here and they support our work and our girls.

  • Family Clinic and the InstaCare emergency medical facility is less than 1 mile from Sunrise.

  • A larger hospital facility (St. George Regional Hospital in St. George) is only 20 minutes from Sunrise.

  • Our preferred dentist and chiropractor are walking distance from campus.