Today we spent the morning at the school with the children and had an unforgettable experience! The children had prepared songs and performances for us, including their national anthem and a traditional tribal dance. After the program they welcomed us with hugs and smiles and we were swarmed by sweet smiling kids. We took a great many pictures, partly because the children were thrilled to be in a picture and then see it on the camera. We had quite a few photo bombers! They were enamored by our long, soft hair and by the end of the day each of our girls had braids, twists, and top-heavy ponytails! We taught them dances and games and they shared some of theirs with us. Some of us got our pride handed to us in a few foot races, and others swapped gymnastics tips. Saying goodbye for the day was difficult and we learned to start that process much earlier in the future!

Spending time with these beautiful children was an amazing experience. The girls seemed to open their eyes to a different way of thinking and living. We saw such joy in simple moments and experiences and began to reevaluate the value we place on truly insignificant things we consider “necessary” at home in America. Several of the staff and girls have already committed to giving up a night at the movies or they Christmas presents in order to send continued help to the children. This is already turning into a life changing experience!
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