It’s no secret that a large component of Sunrise Residential Treatment Center is the emphasis we place on teaching our students the value of selfless service.  Currently a group of students, plus their families and our staff, are in Africa helping to build a women’s shelter.  Follow us here to see photos and watch our progress.

Benefits of Selfless Service

We love the growth we see in the girls as they volunteer on a regular basis.  Here are a few statistics about the benefits of community service in adolescents

  1. Youth who volunteer just one hour or more a week are 50% less likely to abuse alcohol, cigarettes, become pregnant, or engage other destructive behavior.
  2. Teens say the benefits received from volunteering are: Learning to respect others; learning to be helpful and kind; learning to understand people who are different; developing leadership skills, becoming more patient, and better understanding of citizenship.
  3. Youth who volunteer gain important job skills and experience, while exploring career options.
  4. Youth volunteers expand their social circle and enhance their social awareness.
  5. Youth who volunteer are more likely to do well in school, graduate and vote.
  6. Young people involved in community service are more likely to have a strong work ethic as an adult.
  7. Youth who volunteer are three times more likely to volunteer as adults.

Youth volunteering for their communities is a tremendous win-win situation for the young volunteers, the organizations and communities they serve.  The benefits are reaped now, and in the future.
– written by Nicole Andra, Admissions Director