In the past couple months Sunrise academics have had some great enhancements.  One enhancement has been our experiential classes on Wednesdays.  On these days our Recreational Therapist takes a small group of girls out to do rock climbing, hiking, and repelling while our teachers facilitate classes like Art and Photography.  As a staff, it is so much fun to be able to experience this along with the girls.  Not only Wednesdays are great though. So many other improvements have been made.  For example, the way the teachers instruct classes now is very engaging and exciting.  And this is what brings me to what inspired me to write this blog.  I am currently sitting in Jeff’s class.  Jeff is our new and wonderful history teacher.   I sit here and watch him interact with his class.  He is loud, engaging and enthusiastic.  I look around his class and the students are mimicking his actions. They are engaged and enthusiastic, but maybe not as loud. They are asking questions and challenging Jeff as he teaches them about the past.  Jeff tells the girls something and at first there is the look of confusion on their faces, then, as he continues, they all get that “ahhhaww” moment, and a  look of understanding forms on their faces.  I am so excited because these girls are obviously learning and they seem so enthralled with the structure and instruction!
Who knew history could be so fun and exciting. Thank you Jeff, you make me almost want to go back to high school.
– written by Vanessa Leach, Residential Manager