Working at Sunrise I have always loved sitting in on groups and getting to experience therapy alongside the students.  This past weekend Sunrise put on a therapeutic group blitz. This consisted of over 7 hours of therapy groups in a two day period with some of our amazing therapists that work at Sunrise and Innerchange.  The topics ranged from talking about the similarities we have, to building deeper relationships amongst each other, to healing from trauma. During these groups I had the opportunity to get to know the girls I work with even more.  It was a good time for me to be vulnerable with the students, and connect on a deeper level in order to help them see the value of having healthy relationships. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work at Sunrise and be able to build relationships with the students that I work with.  Everyday I am reminded of why I chose to work at Sunrise. – written by Noel Beaulieu, Residential Manager