Today was my first Sunrise Academy High School Graduation. It is hard to describe the amazing feeling that built inside of me as I witnessed a group of our high school senior’s graduate. All in their white gowns and yellow tassels, what a bunch of beauties!  I watched as parents, students, staff, therapists and teachers all came together to celebrate as we helped launch our girls into a bold future.
These girls have shown genuine growth not only in their personal and therapeutic life, but they have also grown so much educationally. Each one came to Sunrise with their own set of academic struggles, but with the help of our academic staff and support from their parents they have achieved such an amazing milestone. As we grow older, our high school graduation is one of the memories that always sticks out. I am so proud that we were able to make that time special for our girls as well. With all the bells and whistles, today was the best graduation I have seen. Genuine love and appreciation floated through everyone! This was an epic experience for all involved!
Thank you to the academic team and the families who allow us to have an influence in your families lives! And mostly, congratulation graduates! You have earned this!