Being able to transition the students back into their home environment is a crucial aspect of the treatment process. At Sunrise, we are able to start integrating transitioning early on into the level systems. When each student advances to the third level, integrity, they are able to enroll in a class of their choice outside of Sunrise. As the student gains more privileges and trust they are able to look into having jobs in the community, attend college classes, or volunteer locally. The goal is to allow them to experience real life while they have a great deal of support and guidance.
Currently we have three students who are working in the community, and one attending college classes at our local college. It was great to see each one of them go through the process of applying for a job, interviewing, and being hired. They have the unique ability to start generalizing the skills that they have learned into a setting outside of Sunrise.
Since they have started working we have seen each one of the girls struggle through being assertive and work through the social anxiety that come with meeting new people. As their stress levels have escalated, we have had the opportunity to see past behaviors creep up and had the ability to step in and coach the students on how to better handle the situation. It’s because of this that they are better prepared to return home and handle the new stressors that arrive more effectively.
While the opportunities will look different for each of the students, we strive to provide opportunities for each of the students at Sunrise. We recognize that each girl is a teenager and needs the ability to feel like a teenager and experience real life.
Stephanie is a Residential Manager at Sunrise Residential Treatment Center