Parenting a Young Adult After Treatment

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If your teen or young adult has recently transitioned home from treatment, you may be anxious about the appropriate balance of structure and freedom. According to Dr. Gayle Jensen-Savoie, an executive director for the InnerChange family of therapeutic programs, it’s important to remember that the primary developmental task of young adulthood is to individuate.

Healthy Recreation Habits for When your Teen Comes Home

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ccording to certified recreational therapist, Corey Hickman, today’s teens are experiencing a recreational crisis. “The students I see nowadays typically engage in recreation almost exclusively from a seated position,” says Hickman, who is the residential life director for Sunrise RTC, a treatment program for adolescent girls with emotional and behavioral issues. “Many of our students arrive at Sunrise addicted to video games, television, or social media,” says Hickman, “which typically means that they’re not engaged in more physical or social forms of recreation.”

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