Recently, we were able to invite alumnae back to the campus  to celebrate “Alumnae Weekend”.  We do this twice a year, with one of those times always bringing the graduates back to Sunrise Residential Treatment Center! It is always great to see the students come back. They reconnect with each other and interact with familiar staff members and remaining students.
We started the weekend off with a dinner for past Alums and students who are nearing graduation. We continued the next day with a question and answer panel and some group therapy sessions. We had a wide variety of past students ranging from those that graduated years ago, to just three weeks ago. I enjoyed visiting with those I hadn’t yet met, as well as girls I worked with when I started at Sunrise.
My favorite part came during our final group. We all shared meaningful and inspirational moments from the weekend. It was great to hear the past students reminisce about friendships made and their experiences since graduation, both the great moments and the challenges.
Alumnae weekends always help me see that even after the students graduate, they still have work to do.  I love working at a program that provides support for the students after they leave Sunrise.
 written by Noel Beaulieu, Residential Director at Sunrise Residential Treatment Center