Self-care is a crucial element to being healthy. I know I struggle to find the time and the motivation for it after a long day. But that’s the thing, self-care happens throughout the entire day! It can be as simple as telling the truth to someone, or eating a healthy meal.
For parents of teenagers, I know this can be difficult because all your time and energy goes to them, making sure that they are healthy and thriving. What I have learned is that if I’m not mentally healthy, then the people around me suffer.
Here are 9 ways you can practice self-care throughout the day. Try these to ensure that you are giving yourself some TLC each and every day. Even if you don’t use anything from this list at least make sure you are doing something that you love and that excites you every day! Enjoy!

  1. Take some “me time” every day. You can make yourself a cup of tea, use that time to think of good things that have happened or will happen, or just listen to some music. Ten to fifteen minutes is enough.
  2. Speak your truth. Let go of your fears and start saying “no”. You have the right to say no whenever you want, it’s about putting your needs first.
  3. Switch the TV off. A few nights a week, try doing something else you like instead: read a great book or a magazine, look at old photos, or bake some cookies.
  4. Ditch the junk food.  Start making delicious homemade food. You will feel better about yourself and each meal will feel like a treat.
  5. Learn a new relaxation technique. It’s great for stress relief.
  6. Go on holiday. Take a short break away from it all.
  7. Laugh out loud as much as possible. It’s not so easy to do it on your own, so invite friends over and think of what makes you laugh.
  8. Go for a walk. In a park or in the countryside if you can. And breathe!
  9. Start exercising every week. Choose something you like to do so you’ll benefit even more from it. You’ll soon feel better and better about yourself.

9 Ways You Can Practice Self-Care