I’ve been reminded a lot lately why I do what I do.  Some of our past students have been doing so many successful things, it makes my heart flutter.  During an Alumni Event here at Sunrise Residential Treatment Center, I had a girl run up to me, give me a hug, and tell me that she is going into mathematics.  Turns out she really did love it!  Even though she resisted math when she first attended Sunrise, she was full of potential.  As she graduated from the program and moved on from life at Sunrise, she decided she was good at math.  She informed me that she is interested in the Mathematics field and is going to major in it in college.  She has just opened up many doors for herself!  She has now realized the potential that we all saw in her and she is going to be doing some great things!
Another one of my students has been doing an amazing job at her current line of work.  She volunteers at a nonprofit organization and helps people with severe mental and physical disabilities. She loves the work that she gets to do.  She is so compassionate and involves herself with those that attend there.  And on top of that, she is attending and being successful in college.  She has grown so much since her days at Sunrise.  
Another student recently returned from Ukraine where she taught children English for the summer.  She loved it but said it made her realize that she  would stick to teaching pre-schoolers.  It was stressful for her, but oh so rewarding.  She also said it was pretty scary living in Ukraine, so I was happy she had a safe return.  This student has also been a great mentor for students that are transitioning from Sunrise.  She is starting her college classes up again in Southern Utah and is doing a good job majoring in Social Work.  
I’m glad to hear from our alumni on both their success stories and struggles.  There is definitely room for all.  Please keep in contact.
Written by Krista Nugent, Mathematics Teacher, MBA