I wanted to touch briefly on some fears from parents and students about schooling at a residential treatment center.  One of the most common questions we get is “Will these credits transfer?”  Our program is accredited through AdvancEd.  AdvancEd – you can find out more information about them at advance-ed.org – accredits schools in 48 states.  From the five years I’ve worked here, there was only one hiccup with transferring credits and that was just because of a misunderstanding and was worked out.
A question a lot of my students ask me is “What is it going to say on my transcript, are schools going to know that I attended a residential treatment center?”  Our transcripts say “Sunrise Academy” on them and do not indicate that we are a residential treatment center.
Students moving onto college often have good luck getting into schools.  One thing that colleges like to see is students that are able to overcome adversities in their life.  A lot of our students have had success in their college essays touching on the struggles they have overcome and wanting to create a successful life.  Not all students touch on that, but some have found a lot of success with acceptance into college.
Sunrise Academy does well preparing our students for the next step.  I work with some wonderful teachers and staff that are always willing to go the next step for our student’s success.  We hope that your child can find the greatest success and we can help them find the tools to do it.
Written by Krista Nugent, Mathematics Teacher