Sunrise Residential Treatment Center has long been known for the quality services provided to struggling teens and their families. This quality is recognized not only through the changes we are able to directly observe, but also through the use of highly researched outcome tools and measurements that guide the treatment process. It is through these outcome measures and the reflected data that we know Sunrise is currently serving more families than ever, experiencing higher therapeutic gains than before, and that two years post discharge the vast majority of our girls remain clinically healthy. We have the data to prove it!
Unfortunately, some treatment programs believe that delivering top quality therapeutic services means sacrificing a similarly high-quality education. Sunrise Academy is actively challenging this belief by providing a naturalized academic environment with quality, direct instruction from each of our licensed teachers. On a daily basis, we are able to observe the difference this environment makes in the success our students are experiencing. But, observations are not enough.
In their 2009 report, Characteristics of Excellence in Education, the Middle States Commission reported:

“The systematic assessment of student learning outcomes is essential to monitoring quality and providing the information that leads to improvement”.

We agree and in the next few months we will be adding the Measurement of Academic Progress – Student (MAPS), the ACT Engage, and an Executive Functioning Skills Assessment by Peg Dawson and Richard Guare to our current outcome tools. These additions will help us more fully evaluate educational progress and further skill development.
We recognize that most of our girls are admitted to Sunrise Residential Center due to the outstanding clinical and residential services we offer. However, upon successful discharge our girls are prepared to return home with the support of outpatient clinical services to meet their continued needs. Upon returning home, the primary focus and majority of each girl’s time will shift from their therapeutic needs to academic endeavors and preparing for college. At Sunrise Academy, we are working to ensure our girls are adequately prepared to meet these demands and experience great success in more traditional academic environments.