Did you know there is an entire community for 18 year old young women at Sunrise Residential Treatment Center? Yes, our adolescent programming and licensure is set up to admit 17.5 year olds and under, but often the therapeutic process does not abide by calendar dates. Most of the time, it is necessary and beneficial to finish treatment at Sunrise after turning 18. We have a house specifically programmed for 18 year old young women!

Welcome to Sequoia! 

Sequoia is a ten person home for 18 year old women situated on the Fields Campus of Sunrise Residential Treatment Center and is an opportunity to ease young women into transition and successful independence. There are shared bedrooms, and the kitchen, living room, and office are common spaces. Although the therapeutic programming remains consistent when a young women moves into the Sequoia house, many aspects of living and expectations do change. 

  • Self-administration of medications: Young women administer their own medications in the presence of a medication-trained mentor. They understand their medications, are involved in scheduling medical appointments and prescription pick-up, and are subject to random drug-screening.
  • Meal plans: Young women manage their own dietary plans. They create weekly menus approved by medical staff for health and nutrition. They are given an independent food allowance or can work together with their peers on meals.
  • Technology usage: As long as young women are at Belonging phase of their therapeutic process, they have access to their personal phones and computers. They have healthy usage plans depending on their individualized needs. Phones and computers are always securely stored overnight and subject to random monitoring.
  • Schedule creation: Young women create their own weekly schedule in accordance to their personal goals and treatment expectations. 
  • Academics: Young women are mostly commonly enrolled in higher education or are co-enrolled as they finish up high school at Sunrise RTC. There are university, technical school, and community college options locally. There are also opportunities for formal and professional internships so the young women can exhibit career exposure and readiness.

Growth and transition are important tenets of Sunrise Residential Treatment Center programming. Sunrise is able to continue to provide quality and individualized therapeutic, academic, and life skills support, even after young women turn 18 years of age. Our Sequoia home provides an opportunity to learn additional ‘adulting’ skills and experience a smoother transition into a life worth living

We envision a world where young women make peace with their past, thrive in the present, and move boldly into their futures.