September is Suicide Prevention Month. It’s one of the trickier awareness months, right? We Relay for Life to celebrate cancer research, years of remission, and loved ones who didn’t get to choose their destiny. We post before and after pictures for Recovery Awareness Month to show growth and determination and change. We turn the lights and loud sounds off at amusement parks to celebrate and include neurodiversity. 

 But Suicide Prevention Month just feels a little different. It can be triggering for those who have struggled or are struggling with suicide ideation and attempts, and it can bring up big emotions for loved ones who were left behind after a suicide.

 And the trickiest piece; We don’t all know how to prevent suicide because intervening in someone’s mental health needs to be left to trained clinical professionals.  

But you have a big heart and you want to help people and we love that! So here are some great ideas on how to safely spread suicide prevention awareness with empathy!

 Join a NAMIWalks Your Way: A United Day of Hope

 This event is on October 9th, 2021 at locations all across the country. Virtual participation is also available. Join mental health professionals and advocates to promote Mental Health for All- and Always. 

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 Share Resources with your Local Community

 Look up a national or local suicide hotline number and post it on social media. No explanations or emojis or judgments necessary. Just the number in case someone needs it.

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 Consider Going through a Training

 Take a Mental Health First Aid course to learn about mental health and substance use issues.

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Empower Everyone You Meet

 We should always be nice, but for a period of time try being extra mindful about smiling at and making eye contact with people you run into throughout the day. Give out five compliments a day. Write a letter telling a friend why you love them, or send a thinking of you message. Laugh at others’ jokes. Validate their concerns. Let them know that you are listening when they talk to you. 


It’s amazing that you want to help other people. We appreciate you! Let us know how it goes with these tips!