Trauma is something that is incredibly difficult for someone to go through. An individual can become lost in all the emotions and the pain that are connected with the traumatic event. To help individuals suffering from trauma free themselves, three techniques have been shown to be incredibly effective in regaining control of one’s life. These techniques are:

  1. Top Down Approach
  2. Medication
  3. Bottom Up Approach


Top Down Approach

This is basic talk therapy. This gives the individual the opportunity to express and work through these emotions in a safe environment. This expression allows them to get the help they actually need and find the hope that they can actually overcome this pain.

Bottom Up Approach

Many individuals who are suffering from trauma have had emotional experiences that have left them feeling defeated. This causes them to be fearful of their own emotions and to feel like they’ll never be able overcome them. The Bottom Up Approach to treatment is used to amend these feelings of fear and hopelessness. It does this by allowing the person to go through these emotions that had once defeated them and to find the power and strength that he/she needs to overcome these feelings. An example of this is that when members of a therapy group went out rock climbing and rappelling. One member of the group was very frightened of this prospect and was frozen with fear at the prospect of rappelling. With some encouragement, she found the strength she need to rappel. This may seem very simple, but for this girl it was life changing. She realized that like rappelling, she was terrified of her experiences and how they had crippled her in the past. But in conquering this fear, she found the strength she needed to work through and overcome the emotions that had once crippled her. She was able to begin her journey of healing and peace.
Using these three approaches therapists at Sunrise have helped many individuals through the traumatic experiences of their past. If you feel like you have a daughter or a loved one who is struggling through trauma and could use the help provided by Sunrise, call us at 435-900-7753.