This holiday weekend we will celebrate the independence and freedom of our nation. Everyone knows the price of freedom required great sacrifice on the parts of our forefathers and servicemen & women. Chances are most of us will not be asked to sacrifice our lives to defend our country’s freedoms, but what about freedom in our own lives?
What are we sacrificing to experience freedom from addictions, failed relationships, and other unnecessary consequences?
We must teach our teenagers through values based rules and consequences that they are often required to sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term happiness. Teens often feel that rules are designed to restrict them; it is very powerful when they start to realize how rules and boundaries will help them soar.
Consider the analogy of a Kite; at first glance it’s easy to assume the kite string is holding the kite down. One can imagine that if the string is let go of, the kite would soar off into the atmosphere. But in reality if you let go of the string, what happens to the kite? It will plummet to the earth.
Freedom is not something that comes freely. Paying the price of living positive values and making necessary sacrifices helps our young women experience the benefits of positive relationships and the freedoms they are wanting.