Since working at Sunrise there are many different skills that our in-house DBT Guru, Melissa, has taught me.  My favorite, and the one I use most often, is Self-Soothing.
Self-Soothing uses your body senses in order to cope with what is going on around you.  Many of the skills taught are skills that we all most likely use day-to-day without even realizing we are using them.  I encourage you to pick some of your own, but I wanted to share the ones I use as well.


I’m lucky enough to live in Southern Utah and have the opportunity to look at beautiful scenery every day.  At times when I feel upset or stressed I walk to the park next to my house, jump on a swing, take some deep breathes and stare at the red rock around me.


I love listening to the sounds around me.  Sitting next to a river or even the white noise of the TV helps to calm me down or makes my mood change if I am down.


One of the many great therapists at Sunrise uses essential oils in her office. Stepping into her office and smelling the lavender or lemon scents instantly calms me and allows me to focus on how I am feeling.


Nothing makes me happier than chocolate.  For Christmas, my husband gave me some chocolate truffles, which are so easy to savor and allow to melt in my mouth. Using another DBT Skill, Mindful Eating, allows me to really think about what I am eating, and taking the time to savor it. I love that this skill can distract me from something else that may be going on.


Nothing seems to calm me down better than holding my cat. Call me a crazy cat lady, but petting him and touching his soft fur really seems to make me feel better.

– written by Noel Beaulieu, BS, Residential Manager