InnerChange has adopted the CORE Philosophy over the past year. This has changed the way I interact with the families I work with, as well as the way in which I train the staff. Using CORE is easy to do with the students, and helps to build my relationship with them. Here are some ways in which I’m able to use this method while at work:

The C is Core stands for Connected:

Each Wednesday we use this value in our Treatment Teams. Being able to communicate with the therapists, teachers, and nursing staff helps me to look at the big picture of treatment. Understanding that we are all connected, are part of the treatment process helps me to ask for support, and empowers me to give my input on the students treatment.

O is for Outcomes:

One of the ways I use Outcome’s on a daily basis is by using the Student Satisfaction Survey. This survey asks the students a wide range of questions that measures how happy they are with the program and with the staff. I know that if a student is not emotionally connected to the staff I know to do more training with my team on how to be connected, and how to focus on the relationships with the students. At times thinking about what to focus on when training the staff can be overwhelming, using this survey helps me see the needs of the students, and allows me to cater to what they need.

R is for Relationships:

My relationships are the very reason why I am still at Sunrise. I truly believe that Relationships is the center of everything in my job, and within my own life. I know that to be successful at my job I need to not only have good relationships with the students, but I need to create those relationships with the families as well. My relationships with my co-workers goes very deep, and I know that we can support each other when we get overwhelmed or are stuck with a student.

Finally, E is for Experiential:

Last week I had the opportunity to take one of the students to a Krav Maga Class. This student had been going for a couple weeks and it was something she really enjoyed doing. Instead of just dropping her off, or sitting in the car, I decided to take the class with her. I was amazed at how good she was! It was so fun to experience something new for me, that she enjoyed. On the way home we talked about how it had changed our emotions and allowed us to let go of our anxiety or frustrations throughout the day. I believe my relationship with that student is much stronger than it was before that class.
CORE has been something that has really always been a part of Sunrise, and the InnerChange family. In the end it helps us build our relationships with those we serve, as well as provide the best care and safety for our students. I’m so grateful to have something that can unite me to the other programs, as well as help me create lasting changes in the families I work with.

by Noel Beaulieu, Senior Residential Director