Summer is here! The sun is shining and the air is hot. There’s no better time to find yourself at the beach, relaxed, and with no cares in sight. 

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Yes, but we all know that living isn’t easy just because it’s summer. We can find ourselves just as overwhelmed as we did in the spring. And the winter. And the fall. 

Here is a DBT tip to make your summer-living a little easier.

Ride the Wave.

Of course, we could mean this literally if you plan on spending all summer in the ocean on a surfboard. You do you. Find what creates a life worth living for yourself and go do it, but that’s not the Dialectical Behavior Therapy skill we are talking about today! 

Ride the Wave is a DBT skill used for regulating emotion, and it could help you navigate rising tension connected to difficult conversations and varying opinions. 

Here’s how to utilize Ride the Wave:

  • Experience Your Emotion

Observe and name the feeling; let it come and go. Your emotion is a part of you, but it doesn’t define you. What are your emotions? Do they make sense?

Notice the emotion in your body. Are you holding it in your shoulders, gut, fists? What helps you feel more calm?

  • Notice the Urge to Act

It doesn’t mean you need to act. What action came to mind first? Are there alternative actions that could be more beneficial to the situation?

  • Don’t Judge Your Emotion

Practice willingness. Can you see in the moment that this emotion is only temporary? What could help you remember this?

Whether you are literally or figuratively Riding the Wave this summer, do so with openness towards your emotions. It is ok to feel. Let those emotions crash over you and wash to shore with an open mind and heart.