Fulshear Ranch Academy, also known as Fulshear Treatment to Transition, is the only young adult female treatment facility that goes beyond teaching transitional living skills and limited focus on substance abuse treatment.  In the field of residential treatment, there are many options for teenage girls who need help with mood disorders, trauma, eating disorders, substance abuse, and interpersonal struggles.  However, when a girl turns eighteen, her options dramatically decrease.  Residential treatment options for young women over age seventeen are very limited. Most come in the form of strict substance abuse treatment that lasts 30-90 days or in the form of only transitional living with very little therapeutic support.  Unfortunately, this leaves the young women who need the deeper therapeutic work left with very few options.
Fulshear, professionally and effectively, fills this gap of needed services by providing clinical care to young women at the same level offered to their younger counterparts.  The professional staff at Fulshear are equipped and experienced at treating young women who need a more clinically sophisticated approach and longer length of stay to maintain life changes.  Their clients are then offered transitional living opportunities to apply their new skills in real life settings.  This multiphase approach sets each young woman up for a successful launch into adulthood and independent living.
As a licensed marriage and family therapist and as a residential treatment director, I believe Fulshear to be a terrific care provider for a population that easily falls through the cracks on the continuum of care for young adult females. You can get more information about Fulshear by calling 888-317-9229 or visit http://www.fulsheartransition.com
By: Dave Prior, LMFT and Executive Director of Sunrise