Successful Treatment for High-Functioning Autism Spectrum

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Many programs that treat emotional and behavioral disorders will not accept students with high-functioning autism-spectrum disorders like Asperger’s Syndrome, referring those students instead to programs that deal exclusively with neurobiological issues. This effectively segregates young people with autism-spectrum disorders from other populations. “I think that in many cases, this is a mistake…a missed opportunity,” says Utah-based psychotherapist, David Prior, LMFT. “My preference is to judiciously mix different populations in a treatment setting so that patients are challenged to learn new styles of interacting with different kinds of people. This is especially true with spectrum disorders.”

Asperger Treatment in a Mixed-Population Program

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While more severe forms of ASD require specialized care, many children and teens with Asperger’s disorder find themselves in mainstream settings and/or more broad-based treatment programs. This approach increases the young person’s access to normalized social situations in which they can learn better social skills experientially through contact with a more diverse peer population.

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