Exercising a Teen's "Willpower Muscle"

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We all experience lapses in self control. For a teenager who is struggling with other emotional issues, however, even a small lapse—whether in the form of procrastinating, eating something not on the diet, or engaging in a compulsive behavior—can create a sense of defeat, adding to her feelings of depression and worthlessness.

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The Misdiagnosis of ADHD in Girls

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Undiagnosed, the difficulty completing tasks, focusing, and staying organized can lead a young woman to feel confused, frustrated, depressed, and "dumb." However, when properly diagnosed ADHD can be effectively addressed through coaching, instruction, counseling, accommodations, diet, and sometimes medication. It can be an enormous relief for a young woman to realize that there is an explanation for her longstanding social, emotional, and learning difficulties—an explanation that can be effectively treated.

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