It is an incredible sacrifice to send you daughter to a residential treatment center and it is understandable to sometimes wonder if this sacrifice will be worth it. To help calm these fears, the therapists at Sunrise have shared 15 secrets to help you be an effective parent while your daughter is in Residential Therapy. This is the third part in a 5 part series.

7. Amplify the Positive

Many of the times, change happens in our lives gradually. So gradually in fact we don’t often notice the change that’s happened until well after it’s occurred. Often times it’s the people in our life who help us realize these changes we’ve made. and this can be something that you help your daughter with. As she’s at a residential treatment program, you’ll be seeing her more infrequently. So, when you see her you’ll be able notice change in her that she doesn’t. She needs you to amplify this positive in her life. There will be many things you want to see in her that you haven’t yet, but as you amplify these positive changes, you’ll do so much help for her as she walks her road to recovery.

8. Change is a Family Project

In order for your daughter to fully heal, she can’t be the only one who makes changes in her life. Change needs to happen on a family level.  This is because your daughter is a single piece in your family’s puzzle. How your puzzle looks will have to change to accommodate her as she grows and heals. Which means that your healing needs to parallel your daughter’s healing. Sometimes girls feel like they’re the one’s who are causing all these problems in your family and that shame can make it hard for them to heal. But as they see you working on yourself, working on the therapy and trying to improve, this will inspire her to work even harder at her own therapy. Healing takes a family. Your daughter will be more successful in healing if you make this journey with her.

9. We Will Challenge You

The journey that has brought you to residential treatment has hopefully made you realize that you’re going to be challenged. This is a hard road. It will make you uncomfortable. It’ll make you angry. There is going to be pain and you might feel like what we’re asking you to do is completely impossible. It’s in these times that it is so vital to remember that we at Sunrise have got a direction we’re moving towards. The way in which we challenge you is to help you get to where your family needs to be. We do this because healing can’t happen if we’re not challenged and pushed into uncomfortable places. It’s in this discomfort that we recognize things that we can be doing better, realize ways that we can be a better parent or sibling, and things we can change to help healing occur. Always remember that an baking in an oven is what’s necessary for a lump of clay to become pottery and likewise your family can’t grow and heal without necessary challenges.
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